Velox Clearing | Prime Brokerage and Clearing Firm in Orange County

Velox offers securities clearing for the most agile firms on Wall Street and Main Street. Come find a solution that fits for you.

Dedicated Solutions from Velox Clearing

From start-ups to multi-billion dollar funds, Velox understands the stress of clearing and settlement and identifies solutions using a technology-first thought process.

Solutions That Evolve with Your Business

Catering to some of the most agile firms in the industry, Velox transforms your challenges into opportunities with efficient back-office solutions.

Integrations and Platform Providers

Our trusted platform providers can deliver the flexibilities needed by agile firms. Our solutions are also backed by top-performing institutions who are experts in optimizing the customer experience.

Experience Successful Growth with Velox Clearing

Successful Growth with Velox Clearing

We ensure results that maximize your success and grows your profits. Reach out to us today.