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We Know Financial Technology, Inside and Out
With high frequency trading and volatile markets, the market has never been more fast-paced and nuanced –you need a clearing partner that can keep up with investments and securities.
Tech-Forward Without the best technology in the industry, nothing else matters. With next-gen software and a driven mindset to create success for our clients, Velox stands to push the envelope for your business and portfolio.
Responsive We may deliver unrivaled speed and next-gen technology, but we’re still big proponents of traditional technology. Need to get in touch? Reach out to us over the phone, because we love talking to customers.
Global Presence Our delivery spans continents, cultures, and systems outside of our office. We apply the collective knowledge of our teams and executives to better understand our customers and nimbly respond to their unique needs.
Guiding Force With to our combined experiences in the financial field, we lead the way in finance through expertise.
Status-Quo Challenger We are not tied to a cookie-cutter way of doing things. We’re innovative problem solvers and creative thinkers. We thrive on identifying fresh solutions to problems of any size and any strength, both existing and new.
Independent We take pride in our independence as a financial clearing firm. Our independence allows us to be agile while upholding our strong values. We’re not beholden to corporate interest – and we certainly don’t compete with our clients.

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